Deposition is an entirely one-sided affair that exists only to benefit opposing counsel. This highly unusual process violates numerous evolved norms of human behavior and creates considerable stress for deponents, impairing their ability to control the process and provide accurate testimony, often at significant financial expense. Developed by psychologists expert in human thought, emotion and social behavior, our preparation solution addresses the limitations inherent in attorney prep and yields confident, dispassionate witnesses empowered to provide truthful and succinct answers to only the questions they are asked.

"As good of a deposition as I've ever seen."  

 - Litigation Partner      


"A game changer. Probably the best instruction in one hour I've ever received in my life."    

 ​- Deponent

Poor deposition undermines an attorney’s theory of a case and creates substantial implications at trial (or settlement) months or years down the road. Psychological preparation mitigates this risk.

Psychological preparation reduces deponent stress and facilitates truthful and succinct responses by satisfying two extremely important and fundamental human needs: the need for understanding and the need for agency.

The Vanguard of Deposition Preparation